Portable "real time" motion control


The Academy Award Winning Gazelle is a lightweight and portable motion control system. It is built with carbon fiber technology and sized to work well for both live action and studio use.  The 6 foot boom arm allows for a lens height of up to 10 feet.  It is easily assembled in under 2 hours and the full package fits in a cube van with a lift gate.

We have a Sorensen 3 axis (pan, tilt, roll) head that is compatible with almost any modern digital camera. We can also mount our smaller and slightly lighter Mechanical Concepts head or a much smaller head designed to hold a DSLR for animation shooting.

We normally ship 16 feet of Sorensen precision track (2 eight foot lengths) but have an additional 24 feet of track (2 twelve foot lengths) available. Our track axis is driven by a fast and accurate 2 horsepower servo motor. We normally ship a package of rotators and sleds for model moving and have many other model movers available on request.